Friday, 4 October 2019

04/10/19 Week 5


It was brought to my attention today that there was a mistake on the spelling homework sheet. How embarrassing! However, it offered a good opportunity to talk about making mistakes, how we deal with them and how we can use them to help us to grow. If you do spot any glaring errors in the future then please let me know! Thanks.

This week we have been learning:


Varjak Paw – chapters 6 and 7.
Using modal verbs to express possibility.
Persuasive writing – using rhetorical questions, powerful adjectives and supporting information.
Spelling focus – a variety of words, including some exception words from the Rising Stars assessment.


Addition and subtraction.
Converting units of measurement (cm – m, m – km, l – ml).


ICT – using creating layers, pasting and resizing images
Henri Rousseau Jungle Project – background, middle ground and foreground: use of colour and scale.
RE – an introduction to Islam.

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